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New Community Campus at Five Rivers

There are plans to develop Salisbury’s community campus at Five Rivers.  A group of local community representatives, determined by Salisbury Area Board, will consult with the community to influence, recommend and consider the detail of the emerging campus in terms of design and day-to-day management.

For more information please read the attached documents and complete the consultation questionnaire if you would like to give your views.  Questionnaires can be completed on-line, please copy and paste the following link into your browser…

Paper copies can be sent to Campus Delivery Team, Wiltshire Council, Shurnhold Offices, Shurnhold, Melksham. SN12 8GQ.

proposal FAQs September 2011 – draft v1 1n Questionnaire v3 – final

Salisbury campus Consultation Questionnaire v3 – final

Salisbury campus leaflet – March 2012


Proposed Pewsey Area Campus  – Invitation to a Workshop with particular focus on Equalities and Accessibility for everyone.

 at Pewsey Vale School on Wednesday 23 May 2012, 7 – 9pm

  Facilitator: Sharon Brookes from Wiltshire Council

Wiltshire Council is looking to increase the presence of services within local communities.  To this end, it is investigating the development of ‘Campuses’ in specific areas.  The Pewsey Area is one of the areas selected for this project.  Currently it is imagined that the Pewsey Area Campus will be split between the new Library, located near the Bouverie Hall, which already has various facilities, and the leisure centre, located adjacent to Pewsey Vale School.

As part of the potential development  it is important that the building design ensures that the facilities and services are accessible by all.  To this end it has been decided to run a Workshop.  The workshop will focus on Equalities and Accessibility for everyone.

It is hoped that the workshop will not only provide information about the needs of different groups but will also be a means of exchanging and sharing ideas.

Please extend this invitation to anyone you know within the Pewsey Vale who may have an interest in the workshop.

If you cannot attend and do not have anyone to represent you, it would be helpful if you could please send us some information about the needs of your group, bearing in mind that the campus  will be of a split nature, between the new library and the leisure centre.

Aspects that may impact on you or your group may include:  information accessibility,  access, involvement and community engagements

Please contact Rachel Goff in the campus team if you can attend the workshop and if you have any access requirements by email at or by telephone 01225 718350.  Please also get in touch if you cannot attend the workshop but would like further information or involvement.

More information about the camps proposal for the Pewsey area is available online at

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