WAH – People with Autism

Some Autistic people have shared their individual experiences. If you have autism, it can help to see how others manage their autism and it can really help to see that you are not alone.
For friends and family, it can help to understand the different experiences and viewpoints of people on the spectrum.

Alis RoweThe Girl With The Curly Hair Project.
The Curly Hair Project (CHP) is an award-winning social enterprise founded by autistic author and entrepreneur Alis Rowe. CHP resources are used by individuals, families and professionals worldwide. Alis has ASD but wasn’t diagnosed until adulthood. She spent her whole life feeling really isolated and ‘different’ and doesn’t want anyone else to have these feelings.
Webinars created by Alis Rowe, around autism topics like adult life, executive functioning, anxiety, meltdowns and shutdowns and many more)
Workshops-(around autism topics regularly held in Wiltshire)-
Resources- (including useful easy read books developed by Alis Rowe with great content, very relatable)-

Harry Thompson (public speaker, PDA Emissary and Consultant, and the author of The PDA Paradox, has created a youtube channel to raise awareness on Neurodiversity by providing detailed descriptions of the inner experiences, mostly from a first-person perspective (he has diagnoses of ADHD, autism and Pathological Demand Avoidance).

Purple ella
I’m autistic and I make videos about my life with autism and chronic illness (hEDS). I share my thoughts, ideas and tips on life as a proud disabled adult.  
I live with my husband Mr Purple, our three children, our cat Katsu and Coco my autism assistance dog.

Amythest Schaber
Hi I’m Amythest! I make videos about what it’s like to be Autistic.

DanThe Aspie World
I’m Dan and I have an Aspergers Syndrome Diagnosis of Aspergers in adults. I post new videos every week on Thursdays, Fridays and usually Saturdays.

Dan Bull
Dan Bull is a British geek rapper and vlogger, who raps about games, politics, the internet, and feelings. He also has Autism.
This song really spoke to me on a personal level and the lyrics are very descriptive (e.g. “all the world’s a stage for which I never auditioned”).
(Language warning – 1F)

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