It’s curtains to draughts for Wiltshire elderly

by admin | 11th January 2013

It’s curtains to draughts for Wiltshire elderly

A rural service is continuing to support the elderly by introducing a new scheme to help keep their fuel costs down.

Wiltshire Good Neighbours can provide curtains and poles to reduce draughts in vulnerable people’s homes.

They will arrange to put up the curtains and poles across windows and doors, helping elderly people to stay warm in the winter.

Caroline Metz is coordinator for the villages around Bradford on Avon, but not the town itself.

She said: “Since Christmas there has been a rise in interest in the scheme. People have already kindly donated a lot of curtains so now we have to redistribute them to people who need them.

“People don’t realise that there is help out there for a number of issues. We are a one-stop shop and signpost people on to other services.”

Wiltshire Good Neighbours helps people over 60 connect with key services, enabling them to live independently in their own homes.

Contact Caroline Metz at bradfordgnc@community

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