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by admin | 4th December 2012

Healthwatch Wiltshire Update

We thought we would update you on the current situation with Healthwatch Wiltshire. As you are aware Cabinet approved the following plans and next steps for Healthwatch at the Cabinet meeting that took place on 23rd October.

  1. That approval is granted for officers to proceed with the preferred approach to procurement of securing an exemption from competitive tender for the outlined model for Healthwatch Wiltshire
  2. The interim NHS complaints advocacy service be commissioned separately from Healthwatch for one year from April 2013.
  3. The proposed funding levels as detailed in the report be agreed.
  4. A Wiltshire specific Healthwatch be developed using a consortium approach with community and voluntary sector stakeholders.
  5. An independent shadow Chairman and four executive members of the Board are appointed by the Leader of the Council acting under her delegated powers working with the shadow Health and Wellbeing Board to set up the Healthwatch Wiltshire organisation.
  6. A shadow Healthwatch Wiltshire is set up using the start up funding.
  7. An agreement is put in place with Wiltshire Involvement Network (WIN) about the transfer of any reserves to Healthwatch Wiltshire.


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