Council Tax Support Benefit Consultation

by admin | 8th October 2012

Wiltshire Council Tax Support  Benefit Consultation

The consultation is now open and closes Wednesday, 30 October 2012. Read on below………..

Wiltshire Council is asking you to have your say on a new locally-run Council Tax Support scheme.

Council tax benefit is a national scheme which people can receive if they pay council tax and their income and savings are below a certain level.

From April 2013, the government is stopping the national council tax benefit scheme and asking councils to introduce and run a new discount scheme.

Wiltshire Council has set up a consultation to explain the changes and ask residents for their opinion on the new Council Tax Support scheme. The consultation is now open and closes Wednesday, 30 October 2012.

Wiltshire Council spends around £27 million on council tax benefit and this is currently funded in full by central government. When the new scheme is introduced, the amount of funding available will be reduced by about 10-14 percent (approximately £2.7million-£3.5m). The final funding figure should be available by December 2012.

John Thomson, Wiltshire Council’s  cabinet member for housing, said:
“With the reduction in government funding, we will have to make some tough choices about who gets help and how much. In coming up with these proposals we have looked carefully at the potential impact on everyone and we are aiming to be as fair as possible. These proposals ensure the elderly are protected, everybody pays something, people are encouraged to work. 

“It is vital that all Wiltshire residents, whether or not they receive council tax benefit, look very carefully at the proposals and let us know what they think.“

The Council anticipates people of pensionable age will not be affected by these changes and will continue to receive their benefit. However, it does mean households with working age residents may be affected.

The link to the Council’s consultation is here and you can find the reply form at the end of the article.

Please contact Wiltshire Council direct if you have any queries about the Council tax support scheme.

You can find more information about the government’s other welfare reforms on our website. Please take the time to watch the helpful video.

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