Social care funding gap in England ‘can be plugged’

by admin | 29th May 2012

Social care funding gap in England ‘can be plugged’

The funding gap for reforming social care in England could be plugged by raiding the NHS surplus or restricting access to benefits such as the winter fuel allowance, experts say.

A review published last year suggested care costs should be capped, but this would cost an extra £1.7bn a year.

The Nuffield Trust analysis believes this sum could be found from within existing public sector spending.

The think-tank said tax rises could be used too.

But it questioned whether that would be appropriate in the current financial climate and said if they were to be introduced they should be targeted at elderly people.

The report comes as the government is still finalising its plans for reforming the way people pay for care in their own homes and in care homes.

A White Paper is expected to be published next month.

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By Nick Triggle Health correspondent, BBC News

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