Wiltshire & Swindon Users’ Network no longer hosts the Wiltshire Involvement Network and the Wiltshire Involvement Network ended on 1st April 2013 when Healthwatch Wiltshire started. Please click here to visit the Healthwatch website.


Involvement Network (WIN) is a network. These are people, organisations and groups from across the country that want to make all care related services better.

WIN wants to improve health and social care. Its aim is to provide a stronger voice for the local people in the planning, design, commissioning and provision of health and social care services.

WIN will enable you, or an organisation you represent, to help improve the services that affect your community, without having to give up too much time or attend many meetings.

  • Are health services in Wiltshire really open to all?
  • How can we help people with Dementia and their carers?
  • Shaping the future of care together.
  • End of life care.
  • Sensory Impairment Meeting.


You can join WIN by downloading and completing the registration form below:

WIN Leaflet and Registration Form


Please click here to view Our Legacy DVD

Please click here to listen to Rodney Haverson, Castledown Radio, interviewing Phil Matthews, Chair of WIN.


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