Autism Forum and Background

For over two years, WSUN organised and managed the Autism Forum. This collected the views and experiences of hundreds of Autistic people within Wiltshire, and expressed them clearly to the Wiltshire Autism Board, with representatives from Wiltshire Council and support organisations.

The formal board meetings are large and attended by a number of organisational representatives. These can be very intimidating and the stress and environment often mean that individuals with ASC sometimes find it difficult to present their viewpoints effectively.

WSUN organised a smaller, informal session before the formal board meetings with a friendlier, less stressful environment. This allowed people with Autism to present and debate their views in a safer space, and allowed the topics to be discussed honestly and openly. WSUN representatives would then collect and support people from the forum to represent the views to the formal board meeting.

During several of these forum meetings, a clear need was identified by the people that attend: Autistic Adults within Wiltshire, both those that are diagnosed as adults (WADS) or those leaving the child support services (18+) feel that they receive little or no support as adults. There are a number of complex reasons behind this finding.

This identified the need for an Autism Hub, particularly for those that have been newly diagnosed as adults. 

In April 2018, Wiltshire Council awarded the contract for the Autism Forum to WiltsCIL.

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