Channel 4 Dispatches DLA to PIP TONIGHT AT 8pm

by admin | 25th February 2013

Channel 4 Dispatches programme examining the impact that the move from DLA to PIP will have on disabled people is on TONIGHT AT 8pm. “Britain on Benefits” is presented by Paralympian Ade Adepitan.

The Disability Living Allowance helps more than three million people lead useful lives. It pays for transport and carers, meaning that disabled people can work and lead independent lives.

But the benefit bill has to be cut, and the government plans to take more than half a million claimants off DLA. What will that mean for those who depend on it?

Talking to fellow Paralympians, disabled army veterans and disabled people in work, wheelchair basketball ace Ade Adepitan goes in search of answers, and asks if this hugely ambitious and expensive plan to reassess disabled people has been properly thought through.

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